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The band Dekolte fired back from gangsters on a speed of 120 km/hour

The band Dekolte fired back from gangsters on a speed of 120 km/hour

On November 16th the band Dekolte finished work on their new music video for the song “Without you”, produced by Alexander Siutkin (Burton cinema). The filming that lasted 2 days took place in Lviv - the architectural capital of Ukraine. Huge amount of people was involved in the process: actors, dancers, choreographers, racers, stylists, visagists, photographers, and, of course, the friendly team of Burton cinema. The first day was full of adrenaline and drive. It took no less no more than six hours to record a scene called “The Chase”. Five cars, driven by professional racers, were involved in the scene. Racers performed deadly tricks, turned into traffic, and entered turns with a scraping noise of wheels on an immense speed. Brave girls from Dekolte  were trying to escape the chase. Their car was under fire: killers were constantly shooting from the car windows with impressive weapons. Girls diligently destroyed gangsters one by one. Although the some scenes were extremely dangerous, girls refused to perform with stunt-men. “The filming of the chase scene was extremely hard and dangerous, but very exciting and full of drive at the same time”, tell Julia and Natalie.  “-Surely, it was a bit scary to show up from the window on a terrific speed. When we tried to shoot the gangsters the car was shaking from the right to the left. However, we did it, thanks God. Now we can boast with our heroic deeds and combat injuries with pride”, girls say laughing.  “-Such acting experience is a new step in our career.  In the new video we will show the fans that, apart from being sexy and romantic, we can be brave and strong as well. At any moment we are there to fight even the most dangerous gangsters. It would be fair to say that for a few hours we were the heroines of the action movie; the filming was that realistic.”
The second day was much more peaceful. The filming lasted till 6 a.m. The process interrupted exclusively in order to change the decorations and images of the actors. The video for the song “Without you” is bound to be lively, expressive, and hectic”, tells Alexander Siutkin, the producer, “- My intention was to express the deep emotions of these wonderful singers from Dekolte. I won’t unveil all the secrets of the video. I will just say that no person will stay impartial. It is going to be an absolutely unique 3 minute-long music action, where one will find various plot lines, images, and heroes. The high-quality 3D graphics is guaranteed. Therefore, wait for the new music video “Without you” by Dekolte. Coming soon on music channels!”

Создан 08 сен 2014

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