The best places in Ukraine.Україна найкращі місця.


The best places in Ukraine

Nowadays, Ukraine is a major tourist attraction of Europe. Every month thousands of travelers from the CIS, Europe, and even other continents visit health resorts in the Carpathians and Crimea. The originality and diversity of picturesque landscapes, natural landmarks, historical and architectural attractions tempt people from all over the world. Tourist services in Ukraine are represented with dozens of thousands of tourist enterprises, which offer customers unforgettable tours around Ukraine. The infrastructure of the hotels, restaurants, and entertainment centers is highly developed as well.
Lovers of the active recreation have the opportunity to explore wild corners of the Carpathian Mountains, enjoy the untouched nature, and even meet wild animals, which inhabit local woods in large quantities. Wild dears, boars, foxes, and bears can be seen here quite frequently.  The Carpathian land is also rich in countless mineral springs. Nearly 20 of them can be found in Truskavets only. The water in springs defers by composition and effect on the body. Nearly 50 hotels, health resorts, and private guest houses are functioning in Truskavets, providing high standards of comfort and European quality of service. The unique recreational center of professor Koziakin is well known across the whole world. Children affected by severe illnesses are successfully cured here. The exclusive method of treatment of the cerebral paralysis has found recognition of the renowned doctors from all parts of the world. Most children are cured in the center and make their parents happy again.
The climate of the Carpathians is comfortable and friendly, not worse than that of the Alps or Caucasus. Summers are warm and moderately moist. In winters the snowy hills attract skiers. The Carpathians are rich in ski resorts, such as Bukovel, Vorohta, Yaremche, Verhovyna, Slavsko, Skole, Oriavchyk, Tysovets, Syniak, Dragobrath, and many others.
Besides skiing, travelers have are free to experience the astonishing local diversity. Ethnographic festivals with folk songs and dances are held here. Masters of the carving present unique souvenirs, designed in the original Carpathian style. These are carved boxes, wooden canes, and carved figures of the animals: eagles, wild boars, dears, bears, and others. The mountain waterfalls are famous for the cool, crystal clear water.
        The Crimean peninsula is known for the unique historic and architectural landmarks. The southern coast of the peninsula is especially attractive: grand palaces, luxurious parks, and peaceful bays are scattered on every corner. The most remarkable landmarks are the Genoese fortress(Sudak), Nikitin botanical garden (Yalta), Novyi Svit bay, the mount Ai-Petri, as well as Massandra, Livadia, and Vorontsov palaces. The unforgettable experience is guaranteed in Bahchisaraj. Apart from the khan palace, where one can find an exciting exhibition, travelers can explore the prehistoric cave settlements, such as Chufut-Kale or Takapermen. The settlements are hidden high in the mountains and are, actually, mazes, carved in the rocks. The amount of work done is impressive; prehistoric people used very simple and unsophisticated tools.
Architectural landmarks in Ukraine are represented mainly with the examples of sacral architecture. Those interested may find architectural masterpieces of various styles in Lviv, Kyiv, Chernihiv. When talking about the sacral architecture, it is a must to mention such masterpieces as: the architectural ensemble of the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra (Kyiv), St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral (Kyiv), St. Sophia’s Cathedral (Kyiv), the ensemble of St. Yuri (Lviv), the Latin Cathedral (Lviv), historical and cultural museum “Lychakiv Cemetery” (Lviv), Troitsky Cathedral (Chernihiv), Borysoglibsky Cathedral (Chernihiv), Pyatnytska Church (Chernihiv), Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra (Pochayiv), Svyatogorsk Holy Dormission Lavra (Donetsk reg.), and others. There are also numerous ancient castles in Ukraine: Olesko castle, Zolochiv castle, Kamianets-Podilsky fortress, Swallow’s nest (Yalta), Palanok castle, Akkerman fortress (Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi), and so on and so forth.  The folk wooden architecture is represented with a few historic and architectural reservations, such as: Pyrohovo (Kyiv), “Shevchenko’s garden” (Lviv), Transcarpathian museum (Uzhhorod), the Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life  (Uzhhorod), the National Reservation “Khortytsya” (Zaporizhzhya) etc. This website contains original photos of the historical, architectural, and natural landmarks of our picturesque Ukraine. The collection is growing constantly.

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